Firebird Ink untuk Printer DTG Sablon Digital dengan harga Murah di Indonesia

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How to Use Firebird Ink

FIREBIRD Ink DTG Curing Instructions

Recommended Curing Guide

The final step in printing a direct-to-garment image with FIREBIRD Textile Ink requires heat curing.

Why is heat curing important?

Basically, we need to dry the ink & promote adhesion to the t-shirt fabric for strong washability.

FIREBIRD Textile Inks are formulated with an aqueous component (water-base) as well as heat-activated chemical compounds. Proper heat curing evaporates the aqueous component of the ink, leaving behind the good stuff namely, the pigments (that provide the colors). In addition, the heat-activated chemical compounds generate adhesion to the cotton and/or polyester fibers of the t-shirt fabric.

Standard Heat Press Settings

330 F (166 C)
Light to medium pressure
CMYK Ink Prints: 3045 seconds dwell time
White Ink Prints 60 seconds dwell time

Although 60 seconds is a breakthrough for White Ink Prints, FIREBIRD Ink testing has exhibited excellent wash results in only 30 seconds!

Video demonstration: FIREBIRD Ink - 60 Second Cure @ SGIA

Sales and Support

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BBM Sales
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To date, there has not been a successful white ink cure through use of conveyor dryer equipment. FIREBIRD Ink makes conveyor drying possible, allowing for higher volume production.

Conveyor Dryer

Place printed image facing up on conveyer belt
Run t-shirt through conveyer oven so that the final temperature of printed image reaches 330 F (166 C)

(printable version here: BULLETIN_DTG-Cure_11.15.2013)

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